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Have Podcasts killed Radio?

Does anyone listen to the radio anymore? Each day I would commute to work on my 65km round trip and listen to the radio. The DJs had personalities, and radio journalists presented current and relevant news. Even the ads were measured, informative and delivered professionally delivered. When did it all change?

Besides for listening to the ABC or Radio National News, my car radio is redundant.

The Buggles (one hit wonders from 1978, link) prophetically sang “Video Killed the Radio Star” as the first pop video on MTV. They didn’t quite get it right. Have podcasts killed the radio stars?

Today podcasts fuel my commute with unique, self-curated choices. Whether you’re interested in news, politics, sport or any of thousands of niche topics, there is a podcast for you. A great benefit of podcasts is that they are your choice of what you listen to, not something curated by a media mogul served up to feed the masses. The imagined personal connection that was once a feature of radio programs has been obliterated by the endless variety of podcasts. Whether you’re after using your time to upgrade your business skills, an informative documentary, a good belly laugh or the latest social media trends, there’s a podcast for you.

There are many podcasts dedicated to the writing journey. I’m even featured on a podcast! Check out the first interview on my debut novel ‘Darwin’s Wake’ on ‘The Writer’s Show’. Geoff Hughes from Madhouse Media Publishing’s podcast ‘The Writers Show’ (link) features writers (and songwriters) talking about their publishing success stories. Each podcast episode features information on writing, creativity and self-publishing. Geoff talks to authors who share the secrets of their publishing success.

I will provide my top 20 podcasts for writers in a future blog. In the meantime, have a listen to Geoff and his amazing guests on ‘The Writers Show’.

Podcasts have changed what (and how) we listen to forever - for the better.

Image Credit: The Buggles 12" cover of 'Video Killed the Radio Star',

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