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The debut novel by Pete Mitchell



Arriving in Darwin to accept a job offer from his old school friend Roland Redman, Paul Winter discovers that his friend has disappeared. At the same time, a sea container left on the docks in Australia’s searing Top End heat reveals a shocking crime of international significance.


Sergeant Bill Yates from the Northern Territory Police Force races the clock to ensure justice is delivered. His focus turns to Kamahli, a beautiful refugee from Sri Lanka’s long and brutal civil war. Does she hold the key to Roland’s disappearance and the solution to the crimes?


In Darwin’s Wake, lives and cultures collide and only the toughest will survive.


Darwin’s Wake is the fictional debut of Australian author Pete Mitchell.

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Keith - Perth, WA (5 Star review, Amazon)

“A true storyteller, Pete draws you into a range of contemporary ethical and moral issues through interesting characters and contexts all seen through a distinctive Australian lens. Well worth the read."

Pete Mitchell

Pete Mitchell lives, as a guest of the Wadjuck Noongar people, in Boorloo (Perth).


After publishing one non-fiction work and more than 50 scientific papers, Darwin’s Wake is his first work of fiction. With a background in science and tertiary qualifications in chemistry and business, his previous studies have provided him with a unique perspective on the environment in which he finds himself.


Previous jobs have included chicken farming, and door-to-door sales and industrial-scale cyanide manufacture from which he has drawn experiences and inspiration for the unique character descriptions within his works.


A love of travel, a keen sense of social justice and an eye for the intricacies and oddities of human behaviour are demonstrated in his works.

Pete is a member of Writing WA, Writers Victoria and a small group of Western Australian writers where he is proud to be considered a peer. He is currently working on his next novel.

When he is not writing Pete enjoys getting out in the beautiful Australian bush, travelling and reading (as all writers should).

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