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I'm in the Top Five!

I'm so happy to be listed in the Top 5 podcasts on the 'Writer's Show'.

The Writers’ Show Podcast, is a podcast produced by Madhouse Media Publishing. "With its insightful interviews and deep dives into the minds of renowned authors, it offers listeners a unique perspective into the world of writing. If you’ve never listened to the show, here’s a spotlight on our top five favourite interviews to help you get started." Note the content below is kindly used with the permission of Madhouse Media. I'm in the list listed with incredibly talented writers such as Hugh Howey, Irvine Welsh, Rhik Samader and Michael Fidler. As an added bonus, click on the author's name to be taken to the relevant podcast.

A name synonymous with self-publishing success, Hugh Howey’s journey from sailor to bestselling author is nothing short of inspiring. In his interview, he delves into the intricacies of the publishing world, offering invaluable insights for budding authors. His tales of perseverance and the backstory of his renowned Wool and it’s development into the hit Apple TV+ series SILO is both enlightening and motivating.

Image: Wool - promotional Image for the hit Apple TV+ show. (Source Apple TV)

The genius behind the cult classic, “Trainspotting”, Irvine Welsh’s interview is a rollercoaster ride. Recorded by Geoff Hughes at the Ubud Writers Festival, Welsh discusses his writing process, the challenges he’s faced, and the inspirations behind his iconic characters. For fans of his gritty, raw narratives, this interview is a treasure trove of information.

Image: Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting and many other works (Source: Acid House)

In a heartwarming and candid conversation, Rhik Samadder discusses his memoir “I Never Said I Loved You”. Touching upon topics like mental illness, family dynamics, and the cathartic power of writing. Samadder’s interview is both poignant and enlightening. His journey from actor to Guardian columnist, and then to a celebrated author, is filled with humor, challenges, and invaluable life lessons.

Image: Rhik Samadder (Image: ebook revolution)

Offering a hilarious look into the world of corporate marketing and spin doctoring, Michael Fidler’s “Spin” should be on everyone's must-read list. In his interview, Fidler delves deep into the inspirations behind his debut novel, offering listeners a behind-the-scenes look into the world of PR, media, and corporate shenanigans.

Image: Michael Fidler (Source: Author promotional image, Better Reads)

A self-publishing success story set against the backdrop of Australia’s Top End. Pete Mitchell’s 'Darwin’s Wake' is a gripping tale of crime, culture, and survival. Mitchell’s interview takes listeners on a journey to the tropical city of Darwin, discussing the inspirations behind his debut novel, the challenges of writing about a city so vibrant and diverse, and the intricacies of crafting a narrative that’s both thrilling and thought-provoking. We also helped Pete develop and publish his wonderful book.

Image: Darwin's Wake book cover (Source: Pete Mitchell- me!)

Many thanks to Geoff Hughes of Madhouse Media Publications for the permission to use the information above.

If you've always wanted to publish a book, give Geoff a call. He will generously give you a completely free thirty-minute zoom 'call' to answer all of your questions and set you on the right path. He was the guy that made my first novel 'Darwin's Wake' a reality. I can't recommend Geoff and Madhouse Media Publications highly enough.

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